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Tax information

Every Key Club MUST have a Tax Identification Number on file with Key Club International.  If your club does not have a number (or don't know it) here are the instructions for getting one.  This process only takes about five (5) minutes!!  Be sure to save your letter at the end of the filing process--it WILL save you problems in the future.

Link to tax form 990-N-,,id=169250,00.html



1. Go to:

2. Click on "Begin Application."

3. Select "View Additional Types..."

4. Select "Community or Volunteer Group."

5. Confirm by clicking "Continue."

6. Enter member information (person completing form).

7. Enter club or member contact address.. .then accept.

8. Enter Kiwanis Club information (name, county, state, and anniversary date—which is the club's organization date).

9. Answer all 5 questions ... "No" is the probable answer.

10. Select "Other" for "What does the organization do?"

11. Select "Organization."

12. Select "Social or civic ... and enter "Community Service Club" after please specify.

13. Select "Receive letter online" if you wish to receive your TEST the same day or "Receive by mail."

14. Follow any further instructions.. .print information if requested online.



If you wish to apply via mail, please go to the and search for SS4 application. Print application and instructions and complete each section as follows:

Line 1: Enter name of club (type in the club name and Key # as it appears on the cover page).

Line 2: N/A

Line 3: N/A

Lines 4a & 4b: Enter Kiwanis club address.

Lines 5a&5b: N/A

Line 6:   Enter county and state of business location.

Line 7a: Enter club officer's name at time of application.

LineVb: N/A

LineSa: Select "No."

LineSb: N/A

Line 9a: Other (specify) Service Organization 501(c)(4) and enter Group Exemption Number (GEN) 1021.

Line 10: Select "Other" and enter Group Exemption Filing.

Line 11: Enter Anniversary Date (organization date) of club.

Line 12: Enter end of year month.. .usually September.

Line 13: Enter -0-/-0-/-0-

Line 14: Select "No" if applicable.

Line 15: N/A

Line 16: Select "Other" specify "Community Service Club."

Line 17: Enter "Provide charitable services".

Line 18: Enter "No" if applicable

Mail the application to the appropriate IRS center as indicated in the IRS instructions for your state. Please be sure to sign, date, and include telephone number on the bottom part of the form and keep a copy of the form for your records.

To obtain a TIN by phone or fax, please refer to the IRS instructions.

When you receive your TIN from the IRS, please send a copy of the IRS letter to Key Club International, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268, ATTN: Joanne Fregeau, Finance Dept. or via email to or by fax at 317-879-0204



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North Little Rock KC Cleans up for March of Dimes

North Little Rock West Campus Key Club held a car wash to raise money for March of Dimes.  Tickets to the car wash were sold to teachers, friends and students.  Fellow Key Clubbers from the East Campus Key Club pitched in and helped out........

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