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Service Projects

  1. A Road Block consists of standing your club members at intersection and collecting money from the cars as they stop.

  2. Ask people you know (like from your church) if they would like their house number painted on the curb or on their mail boxes. Use templates & spray paint--change a small fee to raise money.

  3. Paint or repaint lines in small parking lots.

  4. Sponsor a basketball game featuring faculty against students or some other likely combination.

  5. Sell donuts to students and teachers before school starts.

  6. Get an old car from a junk yard and charge money to hit it with a sledge hammer as a part of some school or Kiwanis fund-raiser.

  7. Get some Key Clubbers together and wash cars for a fee.

  8. Collect papers and cans to be recycled.

  9. Run a concession stand at basketball and football games for a percentage of the profits.

  10. Sell and deliver Christmas or Valentine’s Day cards to students.

  11. Send Christmas cards to teachers.

  12. Purchase an ad page in your school’s annual.

  13. Give Christmas cards and presents to advisors.

  14. Sponsor a clean-up drive at your school.

  15. Remove graffiti from the walls of the school restrooms.

  16. Donate money to different departments of your school.

  17. Buy lunches for needy grade school children.

  18. Furnish “Keynoters” and other Key Club literature to the school’s library.

  19. Conduct bicycle safety programs.

  20. Sponsor anti-vandalism programs.

  21. Sponsor a Christmas party for needy children.

  22. Sponsor a blood drive in your school or community.

  23. Sponsor an anti-alcohol program in your school.

  24. Collect clothes for the needy.

  25. Sponsor food baskets for the needy.

  26. Sponsor a city wide “Clean-Up”.

  27. Have at least two Key Clubbers attend Kiwanis each week.

  28. Have at least two Kiwanians attend Key Club each week.

  29. Present a program for Kiwanis.

  30. Have your sponsoring Kiwanis president as a special guest at a Key Club meeting.

  31. Have a large golden “Key” which Key Clubbers take to Kiwanis meetings and give it to a Kiwanian to bring back to Key Club at a Key Club meeting.

  32. Play Kiwanis in some sport.

  33. Have instituted the Key Pal project between Kiwanis and Key Club.

  34. Plan and conduct an entire meeting for Kiwanis

  35. Polish the Kiwanis gong.

  36. Sponsor a campaign for Kiwanians and Key Clubbers to get to know each other.

  37. Plan a program to enlighten students on Key Club.

  38. Compile booklets on Key Club and distribute them throughout your school.

  39. Have a special guest at each Key Club meeting.

  40. Conduct a public relations program with school or local paper.

  41. Conduct a water safety program, swimming or boating.

  42. Conduct a highway safety program with the state police.

  43. Send Care Packages to needy countries.

  44. Maintain a calendar and/or a bulletin board in your school on Key Club activities.

  45. Host an inter-club program for Kiwanis.

  46. Host a Key club picnic.

  47. Conduct a K-Family weekend

  48. Sponsor a winter banquet with Kiwanis and Circle K as guests.

  49. Host a spring, winter, or fall, divisional rally.

  50. Implement a city wide canned goods drive featuring local Key Clubs aiding needy families.

  51. Have Key Clubbers act as ‘big brothers’ to underprivileged children.

  52. Polish school trophies.

  53. Tutor problem children.

  54. Sponsor an Easter party for needy children.

  55. Clean school campus.

  56. Sell tickets to school sporting events.

  57. Clean football stadium or gym after a football or basketball game.

  58. Clean vandalized walls or class rooms.

  59. Solicit funds for orphan’s homes.

  60. Assist in state or city wide telethons.

  61. Assist in “Pitch-In” campaigns.

  62. Contribute to needy organizations.

  63. Assist in March of Dimes drives and/or food or clothes drives.

  64. Sponsor Key Club inter-club activities.

  65. Sponsor intramural sports and activities for fellow students.

  66. Become actively involved in freshman or sophomore orientation.

  67. Sponsor guest speakers at your school.

  68. Develop a self awareness and values program for students.

  69. Initiate family oriented programs: Insurance institutes, health fairs, etc.

  70. Publicize the merits of school attendance.

  71. Distribute useful information on drugs and alcohol to students.

  72. Provide parents with drug and alcohol information.

  73. Discuss the problems of drug and alcohol abuse with teachers and parents.

  74. Volunteer at drug crisis centers, hospitals or other health organization.

  75. Take drug education information to Junior High Schools.

  76. Help establish a student lounge at your school.

  77. Publicize the telephone numbers of local suicide crisis lines.

  78. Set up a Key Club Scholarship to an outgoing senior.

  79. Observe and publicize International Education Week.

  80. Establish a repair allowance for vandalism attacks.

  81. Publicize the negative aide of drugs and drinking.

  82. Broadcast public service announcements over local radio stations, youtube, or schooltube.

  83. Inform parents about the problems of teenage alcohol abuse.

  84. Encourage students to join Key Club.

  85. Help improve relations between teachers and students.

  86. Provide college information to graduating seniors.

  87. Participate in drug and alcohol abuse programs.

  88. Sponsor Key Club membership drives.

  89. Get Key Clubbers to donate materials for garage sale.

  90. Go door-to-door and rake leaves for a fee.

  91. Sponsor a Walk-A-Thon in your school and have all donations given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  92. Sponsor a road side clean-up.

  93. Sell Christmas tree’s and trimmings.

  94. Conduct a Key Club week for your school.

  95. Help with school inventory.

  96. Raise and lower the American flag at your school

  97. Donate money to the senior class fund.


Sunday, April 26, 2010 7:27 AM Posted by smills

North Little Rock KC Cleans up for March of Dimes

North Little Rock West Campus Key Club held a car wash to raise money for March of Dimes.  Tickets to the car wash were sold to teachers, friends and students.  Fellow Key Clubbers from the East Campus Key Club pitched in and helped out........

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