Mo-Ark District Key Way

Key Way Editor Madeline Wilson

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    I have the job of putting together a district magazine. Inside the magazine are stories of service projects and other activities that each club or division from the Mo-Ark district is doing. I usually email all of the Lieutenant Governors and ask them to contact their clubs in order to find out what the clubs have been up to, so that it can go in the magazine. I also write some stories of my own, and when the magazine is done, I send it out to the Lieutenant Governors so that they can send it to their clubs. Then, all the Key Clubbers from Missouri-Arkansas are able to know what is going on within their district."

    But if you want to garentee that your article will be in the Key Way, take great action photos, include your Kiwanis Club in the project, write a great article and send it all to me before the bulletin deadlines.

    I will be publishing the deadlines here so keep checking back. Oh, remember you can use any articles published in the Key Way in your Year-End Scrapbook

    -Editor Madeline