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Major Emphasis

Service/Major Emphasis

At Key Club Internationals first convention in 1946, the organization was challenged to create a program to bring together every Key Club members to focus on making a global impact. That challenge resulted in the creation of the Major Emphasis Program (MEP), aimed at to helping Children: Their Future, Our Focus. The program is currently referred to as Major Emphasis (ME) based on a change of name by the 2010-2011 International Board.

To fulfill the ME, Key Club International serves children in many ways. By working with Key Club International preferred charities, Key Clubs serve children by aiding other organizations committed to serving children. Participation in the ME is not limited to only serving our preferred charities. Participation in the program can be fulfilled when serving children by any means.

Realizing the need and interest in supporting the ME through hands-on service, a new service initiative was created on a two-year basis. All of the hands-on service provided to children by Key Club International members can be directed to a single area of need to make a substantial impact. This service initiative directs and focuses the attention of Key Club members to serve children in a specific hands-on approach. UNICEF Eliminate,


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North Little Rock KC Cleans up for March of Dimes

North Little Rock West Campus Key Club held a car wash to raise money for March of Dimes.  Tickets to the car wash were sold to teachers, friends and students.  Fellow Key Clubbers from the East Campus Key Club pitched in and helped out........

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