Club Bylaws

Every club should have bylaws that they follow. If your club does not have a copy of your club bylaws check with Key Club International to get a copy of your club's original document. If your club's bylaws are not on file with Key Club International, you should act now to adopt a set of bylaws.  I've included a standard set of bylaws with fill in the blanks.  I've included a .pdf version and a word version.


Stand Form Bylaws .PDF Version

Stand Form Bylaws Word Version



Do you know your club Anniversary?

Every club should know how long they have been in existence.  Each time you write a news article for the public, you can include part of your club's history and part of that history is when your club was chartered.  In addition, your club can celebrate your club anniversary each year in a special ceremony or plan your new officer induction on your club's anniversary date.