District Board

Morgan wade
Bethany Amerson
Spencer Morrow
Key Way Editor
Madeline Wilson
Division 1
Lieutenant Governor
John Dahn
Division 2
Lieutenant Governor
Werthen Gass
Division 3
Lieutenant Governor
Micayla Gentges
Division 4
Lieutenant Governor
Kierston Holstine
Division 5
Lieutenant Governor
Amanda Thieme
Division 6
Lieutenant Governor
John Maune
Division 7
Lieutenant Governor
Dylan Britton
Division 8
Lieutenant Governor
Dylan Britton
Division 9
Lieutenant Governor
Tanner Grandclair
Division 10
Lieutenant Governor
Jared Dutton
Division 11
Lieutenant Governor
Stormy Simpkins
Division 12
Lieutenant Governor
Hannia Herrera
Division 13
Lieutenant Governor
Lauren Grace
Division 14
Lieutenant Governor
Bradyn Snow
Division 15
Lieutenant Governor
Athaliah Villarreal
Division 16
Lieutenant Governor
Ernesto Casas
Division 17
Lieutenant Governor
Kyle Wilkins
Division 18
Lieutenant Governor
Sydney Cineros
Division 19
Lieutenant Governor
Jared Dutton


General Board Responsibilities

1. Maintain the quality of my school work and keep up-to-date at all times so that permission may be obtained from parents and school authorities for occasional absence on Key Club business.

2. Maintain active membership in my home Key Club, and perform at least 50 hours of service.

3. Abide by the Key Club International Code of Conduct at all Key Club International, District and Kiwanis Family functions.

4. Attend the following scheduled events this year.

- District Conference prior to my induction

- Post Convention Board Meeting

- Board Training Session

- Key Club International Convention (if possible)

- Summer Board Meeting

- Winter Board Meeting

- Pre Convention Board Meeting

- District Convention at the end of the year

5. Assist the District Secretary in obtaining all New Officer Information by May 15th

6. Achieve 100% dues collection within your division of both District and International dues.

7. Publish ten club newsletters, one for each month, except April and July. These should, at the very least, be sent to Club Presidents, all of the sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs in the division and to the Mo-Ark District Officers by the 15th of each month.

8. Contact each club President in the division at least twice per month; one of which must be via telephone. As the individual responsible for overseeing the operation of the clubs in the division, I will try to know the Presidents in the division on a personal basis so as to improve the relationship between myself and each club.

9. Complete a monthly report on my division and mail to Governor, Assistant Administrator, Administrator and International Trustee by the 15th of each month

10. Hold a minimum of one (1) divisional meetings throughout the year, a Regional Training Conference in the fall (during October or early November) to train new officers.

11. Strive to strengthen weak Key Clubs within the division and work toward chartering  new clubs within the boundaries of the division.

12. Visit each club in the division at least once during my term and complete an Official Club Visitation Report Form for this visit which will be sent to the District Governor and Administrator within fourteen days.

13. Increase my knowledge and understanding of the structure of Key Club International, Key Club International Board Policy, the Constitution and Bylaws, and all other District and International Key Club material. Also, be familiar with the general organization of Kiwanis International and its affiliates.

14. Send copies of all formal correspondence to the District Governor, Secretary, Assistant Administrator, Administrator and International Trustee.

15. Hold regular President’s Council or Divisional Council Meetings throughout the year. One every four months is suggested.

16. Schedule other divisional events during the year. These could include inter-clubs, sports events, or just about any kind of joint divisional service project.

17. Be prepared to make appearances and/or speak at various Key Clubs, Kiwanis or other community functions throughout the year.

18. Serve on such committees as appointed by the Governor and communicate regularly with fellow members of said committees as directed by the chairperson.

19. Keep permanent divisional files to be passed on to my successor.

20. Respond to all forms of correspondence promptly.

21. Fully acquaint myself with the district reimbursement policy and stay within the guidelines of the policy to assure district financial stability. Final reimbursement requests must be submitted within two weeks of the District Convention.

22. Perform other such functions as assigned by the District Governor and Administrative officers

(Administrator, Assistant Administrator, etc.)