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Missouri-Arkansas District Resources

Advisor and Administrator Resources

  1. PPT_KeyClub_Key Club 101
    .ppt file (2.20 MB) Basic information about Key Club International.
    August 17, 2010 Download

    PPT_KeyClub_Adult guidelines and liability presentation

    .ppt file (715.00 KB) PowerPoint covering liability issues when working with youth. Specifically focused on issues dealing with conventions and conferences. November 12, 2008 Download
  2. Brochure_KeyClub_SLP Parent Brochure
    .pdf file (1023.05 KB) Service leadership programs parent brochure. June 07, 2010 Download
  3. Brochure_KeyClub_SLP Information Brochure
    .pdf file (560.63 KB) Service Leadership Programs information brochure. June 07, 2010 Download
  4. Brochure_KeyClub_G. Harold Martin Brochure
    .pdf file (471.58 KB) Introduction to G. Harold Martin recognition for Key Club members, with order form. June 07, 2010 Download
  5. Brochure_KeyClub_A.G. Terry Schaffer Honorary
    .pdf file (1.84 MB)
    Introduction to A.G. Terry Shaffer Honorary recognition for service, includes order form. June 07, 2010  Download
  6. Handbook_KeyClub_Faculty Advisor Resource Guide
    .pdf file (474.81 KB)
    A comprehensive handbook for Key Club faculty advisors. Includes a calendar, frequently asked questions, scholarship info, and more.
    November 12, 2008 Download
  7. Guide_KeyClub_Operating an Extra-large Club
    .pdf file (245.14 KB) Advantages, challenges, and organizational efficiency information for a large Key Club. November 12, 2008 Download
  8. Guide_KeyClub_Suggestions for Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors
    .pdf file (246.18 KB) Suggestions for faculty and advisors to Key Clubs.
    November 12, 2008 Download
  9. Guide_KeyClub_Effectively Sponsoring a Key Club
    .pdf file (249.72 KB) How a Kiwanis club can effectively sponsor a Key Club. November 12, 2008 Download



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District Logo

The Missouri-Arkansas District logo was created in 1969 by then District Administrator, S.H. "Bill" Burgin.  Mr. Burgin would hold the office of District Administrator for three (3) years.  He would go on to become the Kiwanis District governor and hold numerous other positions in Kiwanis.