About The Mo-Ark District


Missouri-Arkansas District Logo

The Missouri-Arkansas District logo was created in 1969 by then District Administrator, S.H. "Bill" Burgin.Mr. Burgin would hold the office of District Administrator for three (3) years.He would go on to become the Kiwanis District governor and hold numerous other positions in Kiwanis.

District Mascot

The meerkat can represent many things. The way the meerkat stays with its pack could represent Key Clubbers sticking together, connecting with one another and supporting each other. They always communicate with each other. The way the meerkats look out for each other, take care of each other and provide for one another is exactly what Key Clubbers aspire to do for their communities. That is why the Mo-Ark District chose the Mighty Meerkat as our new mascot. Like the meerkat, Key Clubbers always stick together, and always try to help each other. The meerkat is a great example of a good Key Clubbers members.

Past Governors and International Officers

The Missouri-Arkansas District has had numerous famous individuals as Key Clubbers - President Bill Clinton is just one! Look here for Past Officers.

Fun Fact

The Missouri-Arkansas District was the Missouri-Kansas-Arkansas District. Kansas formed their own district in 1951.It is about that same time that the Missouri-Arkansas District earned the moniker the "Mighty Mo-Ark District".